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Tekunoloji on YouTube

Hey there! It’s been a while since I’ve had an update. I’ve been totally exhausted from CES 2012 in Las Vegas. I was covering that massive show with the DVICE crew for the second year running (more on that in another post). Today, I want to remind you that Tekunoloji is on YouTube.

This is the first major electronics trade show that I went all in with video and tried to be as pro of a “video editor/producer” as possible. The total video count I had for DVICE and CES 2012 coverage was 13. That’s 13 videos in five days.

All of my videos were shot with an Olympus PEN and edited with iMovie ’11 on a Core i7 1.8GHz MacBook Air (2011 model). Those of you who still think an Air can’t be a video editor – think again, because it can – at least for short videos.

Of course, all videos from CES are viewable also on DVICE or on Xbox Live with the Syfy video app (must have the newest Dashboard and be a Gold subscriber).

Lots of videos from CES 2012 on our YouTube channel, but I’ve still got some stuff leftover from my SD cards and SSD, which I’ll be adding exclusively for Tekunoloji.

Video is a rapidly booming source of eyeballs and I can see every major publication working to improve on their video offerings. The key is to make them with a super low-budget without sacrificing on professional quality. It doesn’t need to be CNN or MTV-quality, but it needs to be good enough it doesn’t look lackluster. And you have to be fast – super fast to shoot, edit and upload.

In terms of what kind of content to provide on YouTube, I’m going to be experimenting a bit and tossing all sorts of stuff up on our channel and seeing what sticks. Our biggest video so far is still when we were the first to break news on the Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary¬†demo video from New York Comic Con.

Here are my favorite videos added recently on Tekunoloji on YouTube:

Razer Blade:

2013 Electric DeLorean:

ePawn Arena:

Sony’s computer/tablet hybrid concepts:

Razer’s Project Fiona:

Liquipel nanotechnology waterproof tech:

Mad Catz’s modular Pro Circuit Controller:

Show us your love by heading over to the Tekunoloji channel and subscribe, favorite, like or whatever to our videos. We’ll love you forever if you do!

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