2012 New York Toy Fair

Sunday, February 13 saw the kick off to the 2012 New York Toy Fair. For the last two years I’ve been lucky enough to attend it at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in the city. There are several conventions/trade shows that are held at the convention every year of which I attend for work, but Toy Fair is the first of the year.

As one would expect, toy vendors from across the world pile inside the small (for a convention center) confines of the Javits Center in order to pitch their new toy lineups. While the show is mostly for business folk, reporters and press do get to have in on the fun as well. A chance to see the newest and hottest toys months before they even hit stores? It’s the dream of any kid.

This year, I managed to burn through the Toy Fair in one day because I was out to specifically look at techie toys for DVICE. You can find some of my coverage on the newest battery-powered Super Soakers, new iOS-compatible Monopoly that uses electronic “debit cards,” all of Nerf’s new dart and disc guns, and a video of me using the Nerf Dart Tag Speedswarm on an unsuspecting dummy.

The excitement surrounding the Toy Fair wasn’t quite as upbeat as last year (if last year was even exciting), but there felt like a general interest to boost interest in tech-related toys. I can’t tell you how many iPhone/iPad products people kept trying to hock.

Rather than go on and on about how great the toys were, I think I’ll just dive right in and show you the toys.

Welcome to the Javits Center for the 2012 New York Toy Fair!

Activision’s surprise-hit Skylanders is back for 2012 in Skylanders Giants

The Giants figurine are nearly twice as large as the original Skylanders figurines.

Some gameplay from the new game.

Some of the new figurines even light up. How cool is that?

This special edition metallic purple Cynder figurine was only given out to press and media at the Activision booth.

Not too shabby. You can find these going for over $100 on eBay!

Where’s Waldo?

Hard to believe, but people still play with die-cast cars.

DC superheros in LEGO form ready to kick some bad guy ass.

LEGO had a ton of new toys on show. Here’s some of the new Batman LEGO.

The Batwing is going to make a showing in The Dark Knight Rises. Can’t wait to see Christoper Nolan’s latest masterpiece and the end to the Christian Bale Batman trilogy.

Some kind of ninja transport? I thought ninjas flew/jumped around in the dark.

TY Beanie Babies are still kicking.

This is the stuff that most attendees pay overpriced dollars for and scarf down in seconds before running back to the booths/halls.

Jason the Red Ranger. Celebrating 20 years of the original Power Rangers. Still the best series out of the entire franchise. Here is a huge statue of the RR.


Have never been interested in One Piece, but I hear it’s quite popular. The toys sure are colorful.

Mario’s bitches aka Yoshis.


Never cross Darth Vader.

The details on these toys is stunning.

Some Xbox Live Master Chief avatar figurines.

Halo toys are pretty too.

Used to be a huge fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! Bought the cards, watched the show, and played the games and everything. Even had my own news site for it. These new characters look awful.

Good ol’ Seto Kaiba and his Obelisk the Tormentor God card. Memories!

I had no idea people still were into Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.

The loneliest booth ever was the Pokemon booth. Only one worker and nobody inside. He was really bored.

What the Toy Fair looks like inside. Wear sneakers! Your feet will hurt like hell from al the walking.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Toki Doki’s creator Simone Legno several times. His toys are cute, but expensive.

If my iPhone had a strap hole, I’d put one of these dongles on it.

Not really feeling this new set of TD toys. Royal Pride feels too ghetto.

My favorite Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII.

Was totally into Dragon Ball Z when I was a kid. Akira Toriyama was a god to me.

Vegeta. It’s OVER 9000!!!!


Going Super Saiyan 3??!? Don’t even remember which hair is for what level anymore.

Godzilla about to crush the Javits Center.

Gundam models are always so fun to look at!

Trunks was one of my favorite characters. Remember when all the guys in the ’90s had his hair cut?

Space Shuttle made out of Bucky Balls.

Wow! A golden dragon!

I used to have a model of a Titanic. Was totally obsessed with the Titanic back when James Cameron’s movie came out. Built my own model and everything. A year ago, I decided to toss it. It was decaying :(

Some more awesome LEGO. This time it’s a TIE fighter and Star Wars sets.

Hasbro’s Lazer Tag reinvented to use augmented reality tech with iPhone/iPod Touch. It’s quite coool!

Twister reinvented as Twister Dance. Me no like it.

Battery-powere automatic Lightning Storm Nerf Super Soaker. Get wetttt!

The FireFly tech inside keeps the darts/discs charged up to glow in the dark!

Wear these special LED headlight thingies and you can see footballs and basketballs (below) glow in the dark, so you can play sports at night!

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