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Tekunoloji is a gadget and technology junction. Our goal is to provide news on your favorite gadgets and technology without all the technical jargon it often comes with.

The name “Tekunoloji” is derived from the Japanese form of spelling “technology.” In terms of technological savvy-ness, Japan is still one of the most advanced cultures – although South Korea is moving at incredible speed – I felt it proper to pay homage to the culture that gave us and continues to provide the world with breakthrough technologies in beautiful design and with stunning quality.

Today, the pace of technology moves at a speed of seconds – not hours – and so we need experts to filter through all the new information.

As the world becomes more connected than ever, we need to understand the technologies that make those connections possible. And while gadgets are perfect for aiding us through life, we must also understand the popular culture that it generates. For some, technology is merely a field of knowledge, for us, it’s a passion and a lifestyle.

Welcome to Tekunoloji!