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Happy Holidays Everybody!

Merry Christmas! I recognize that the world of information and technology doesn’t stop turning simply because it’s a holiday – the show must go on – but it’s important to sit down, take a break, and soak in a little relaxation.

Remember what’s important – family, friends and the spirit of giving, because when your gadgets are old and sitting in the recycling lot, the things that matter the most aren’t the material things, they’re your fellow humans (and your pets).

Those who celebrate something else, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, or whatever, Happy Holidays!

The lovely greeting card you see above was hand-designed by my good friend Eri Yamagata. You can contact her and purchase your own set of cards (several designs) at her website Eriyamage. She has another design, as well as several card stock and envelope options, so don’t forget to ask.

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